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Surprisingly, nine out of ten guests that dine at Myoga, comment on the bathrooms. There is an abstract ‘downtown Tokyo’ feel to them, and they host a number of flatscreens with live streaming video from the kitchen (so you can watch the chefs at work). The design was of Mike’s invention, with the assistance of internationally heralded interior designer Les Harbottle. The point of them is to add to the somewhat escapist experience that the restaurant offers.


The Restaurant Industry, as anyone who has worked in hospitality will tell you, is an interesting thing. There are so many factors that contribute to the everyday running of a restaurant, that it is quite easy to get lost in it all. Dishes change, suppliers default on deliveries and quite often, things get thrown around (though this is usually in good humour). This site serves as an inside look into Myoga, and what makes it all tick.